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Pregnancy and Birth

2-Part Pregnancy Pelvis 3-Part Pregnancy Pelvis
2-Part Pregnancy Pelvis
    A median section through the female pelvis during the 40th week of pregnancy with a removable fetus to study the normal position of a child before birth.  Comes with base.  44 x 42 x 37 cm.
No. SH415-BA. Only $495.95
3-Part Pregnancy Pelvis
    This anatomical model provides a highly detailed representation of a median section through the female pelvis during the 40th week of pregnancy with a removable fetus.  Shows the normal position of a child before birth.    Comes with base.  38 x 25 x 40 cm.
No. SH415-BB. Only $579.95

Childbirth Demonstration Pelvis
   This childbirth model demonstrates the progress of the fetal head through the pelvis during birth. The childbirth demonstration pelvis simulator consists of a female pelvic skeleton with a movable symphysis, hip bone, sacrum, coccyx and 2 lumbar vertebrae articulated to accommodate passage of a fetal skull mounted on an omni positioning flexible gooseneck support. A realistic anatomical replica of the childbirth process. Childbirth pelvis delivered on baseboard.
No. SH415-AA. Only $359.95

Birthing Process Model Set
    This set of matched anatomical models shows five stages of the birthing process: (1) fetus in womb, cervix closed, (2) fetus in womb, cervix open (3) fetus in womb, start of head passage, (4) fetus in womb and pelvis, finish of head passage and (5) placenta in the womb.  Each of the models is mounted individually on its own base. 
No. SH415-CA. Only $899.95

Labor Stages Model Set
    Similar to the above Birthing Process Model Set, but the models are reduced to half life-size and the five models are mounted together on a single base.
No. SH415-CB. Only $495.95
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