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Female Breast Models
Breast Model with Cancer Nodules Breast Cross Section with Pathologies
Breast Model with Cancer Nodules
   Full size model is made of durable lifelike material with 2 lumps that simulate typical tumor growth. 2-sided education card shows 6 possible tumor locations on one side and 4 stages of breast cancer on the second side.
Measures 3” x 3.5”x 1.75”
No. SH406-AA. Only $64.95
Breast Cross Section with Pathologies
    Full life-size cross section model of the breast shows breast structures such as suspensory ligaments, fat tissue, lymph nodes, muscles, and ribs.  It also depicts common pathologies such as adenocarcinoma, cysts, fibroadenoma, and infiltrating scirrhus carcinoma.  6.5” x 4.5” x 3”
No. SH406-AB  Only $79.95
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