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Ethnic Torsos
Know Body Black Deluxe Torso
   The Know Body Deluxe Teaching Torso has the following detachable parts:  head; eyeball with extra ocular muscles; brain half with arteries - four parts including cerebellum, cerebrum (two parts), and brain stem; left lung with ribs (showing pulmonary blood vessels and bronchioles sectioned open); right lung with ribs (showing blood vessels and bronchioles intact); heart (two halves); liver and gallbladder with color coded blood vessels and ducts (includes section of diaphragm); stomach (two halves); large intestines; small intestines; and torso unit.  Mounted on rotating hardwood turntable base.  Twenty-three dissected or dissectible structures, and sixteen detachable parts.
Please Note: This is a hand-made models, custom made to order. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery
No. SH209-AAOnly $2,559.95


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