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Unisex Torso Models
   These classic torsos do not have sex organs.  Being less complex and having fewer parts results in them being among our most affordably priced torsos.  They offer exceptional value and all the features necessary for teaching basic anatomy.  Compare to other torsos costing twice as much and you will find there is no better way to introduce the major anatomical structures and systems. 
12-Part Classic Unisex Torso
  The following components are removable: 2 part head, 2 part removable heart, 2 lungs, stomach, liver with gall bladder, 2 part intestinal tract and front half of kidney
14-Part Classic Unisex Torso
   This popular is supplied with the following removable parts: 3 part head, 2 lungs, 2 part heart, stomach, liver with gall bladder, 2 part intestinal tract, front half of kidney, front half of urinary bladder.
No. SH206-BA.  Only $579.95
No. SH206-BB.  Only $599.95

16-Part Ribbed Unisex Torso
   Same as the 14 Part Deluxe, but also has rib-cage and 4-part intestines.
SH206-BC.  Only $769.95
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