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Scale Model Torsos
Little Joe Human Torso Model
   A trophy-size male torso model shows musculature on one side and surface skin on the other. Dissectible into seven parts: torso, lung (2 parts), heart, liver, stomach, intestine.  Mounted on a wood base and comes with a key card that identifies 52 labeled structures. 10.5" tall.
No. SH205-AA.  Only $39.95
Peter / Peggy Human Torso Model
   Both sexes in one torso. Dissects into 13 parts: 2 part head with removable half brain, 2 lungs, heart, liver, intestines, 2 part female genitalia, 2 part male genitalia and torso on base/ 16 1/2" tall.
No. SH205-AB.  Only $79.95

Sweet Sue Torso Model
    Sue is a female torso with a removable breast cover that reveals 14 dissectible parts: torso, breast plate lung (4 parts), heart, trachea and esophagus, diaphragm, stomach, liver, pancreas and spleen, bladder and uterus and intestines.  Mounted on a stand. Includes a key card with 71 structures labeled.  18.5" tall.
Dapper Dan Torso Model
   Sue's boyfriend.  He also has a removable breast cover that reveals 14 dissectible parts - the same ones as Sue but rather than a bladder and uterus, he has bladder and prostrate.  Just like Sue, he's mounted on a stand and comes with a key card with 71 structures. labeled.  18.5" tall.
No. SH205-BA.  Only $89.95
  No. SH205-BB.  Only $89.95

Desktop Mini-Torso
  This little masterpiece is half life-size so even small hands  can easily disassemble the torso.  All parts are numbered and identified on the included product manual.  Removable parts include: 2 head halves, brain half, 2 lungs, 2 part heart, liver with gall bladder, stomach and 2 part intestinal track.
No. SH205-CA.  Only $189.95


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