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Multi-Torso - The Ultimate Torso Model
   The Ultimate in Full-Size Torsos.  It's multipurpose.  You get complete musculature on one side and skin and surface topography on the other.  It's multifaceted.  Comes with 11 life-size organs systems: Skin, Skeletal, Muscular, Nervous and Sense Organs, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Lymphatic, Digestive, Urinary, Endocrine and Reproductive  It's multidimensional. 
    It can be customized through the use of 5 interchangeable pelvic inserts: genderless, male, Non-pregnant female and female in both 1st and 3rdtrimesters of pregnancy. You can design your own configuration to fit your needs.  You cn can start off with any model, then, if your needs change, you can order additional inserts at a later date.

Please note: These are hand made torsos that are custom made to order.
Please allow 4 weeks for delivery

with Male Insert Back View - all versions with Female Insert
Sexless Insert Male Insert Female Insert
1st Trimester Insert 3rd Trimester Insert

The following chart lists models and the inserts that come with each.

  Sexless Male Female 1st Tri 3rd Tri


Sexless Torso Yes         SH204-AA  $3,761.95
Male Torso   Yes       SH204-AB $3,839.95
Female Torso     Yes     SH204-AC $3,919.95
Male & Female   Yes Yes     SH204-AD $4,225.95
Male, Female, Sexless Yes Yes Yes     SH204-AE $4,369.95
Male, Female, 1st   Yes Yes Yes   SH204-AF $4,579.89
4-in-1 Torso Yes Yes Yes   Yes SH204-BA $4,919.95
5-in-1 Torso Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes SH204-BB $5,269.95

Please note: These are hand made torsos that are custom made to order.
Please allow 4 weeks for delivery


Genderless Insert SH204-CA $149.95
Male Pelvic Insert SH204-CB $319.95
Female Pelvic Insert SH204-CC $379.95
1st Trimester Insert SH204-CD $364.95
3rd Trimester Insert SH204-CE $609.95
x x

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